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Current theme: Endless optimism (atomic age/mid-century modern/googie)

I've always had a love for the classic 50's populuxe/googie style. It puts visions in my mind of a more optimistic, future enamored way of life despite the fact that I was never alive in that time. An all-around fascination with space travel and machines of the future define the zeitgeist of that era. The idea of the original nuclear family/home and the American Dream is truly beautiful regardless of the results and trends that have led us to the current day. I'm not sure what sparked my love for this style, but I would bet that the Jetsons had at least some part in it.

To learn more about the aesthetic I've chosen for this theme, please check out the following:

+ Googie
+ Populuxe
+ Mid-century modern

I designed the site in a way that I can stylize the skin to fit different hollidays, seasons, themes, etc. quite easily without compromising the overall content. Speaking of content... this site is mostly a way for me to publish my music. I have a wide range of interests and influences and I think it shows in the music that I make. There's also some buttons and stuff, but that's mostly just filler. Thanks for visiting!