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Current theme: Winter Wonderland

Merry Christmas! I love kitschy, retro looking Christmas displays and lights. This theme doesn't quite capture that look, but it is reminiscent of early Christmas themed web sites before the internet lost its originality. Christmas can be a very stressful time for many reasons, but I get a very nostalgic and cheery feeling any time I see a site fully themed for the season. I hope my site spreads a little of the same for somebody else. This theme also covers the winter season in general. If I get too busy and can't change the theme for a while after December, it will still be current. So, that's a plus.

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I designed the site in a way that I can stylize the skin to fit different holidays, seasons, themes, etc. quite easily without compromising the overall content. Speaking of content... this site is mostly a way for me to publish my music. I have a wide range of interests and influences and I think it shows in the music that I make. You'll also find some mobile wallpapers in the Goodies section, which I like to design when I get bored at work - just don't tell my company.