8/20/2023 :: work on the halloween album is coming along. also have some ideas for the site's theme over the next month or two for the holiday. i hope to have some content to post soon. håll dig lös

8/2/2023 :: well, i've hit 50,000+ site visits recently. not a huge milestone compared to some, but my site doesn't cater to the interests of a wide variety of people or offer much besides my music, so it is a pretty cool thing for me to see nonetheless.

7/12/2023 :: my back is causing some debilitating pain right now. despite this, i was able to perform a 4 hour set on drums over the weekend. it got me in the mood to complete some new music i've been working on, which will hopefully be done soon. i'm going to have to start thinking about getting the 2023 halloween album started as well!

6/27/2023 :: new homepage launched! mr. whiskey under the menu happens to be very knowledgeable and can provide some solid recommendations for you based on different situations.

I was bored...


  • listening: jonathan scales fourchestra
  • watching: rugby
  • drinking: blanton's bourbon
  • feeling: buzzin, man
  • learning: swedish 🇸🇪

updated 8/19/2023